Megatron Penetrative

Penetrative waterproofing for concrete structures
1 kg

Megatron Suture

For sealing joints, cracks, connections, conjugations, adjacencies
1 kg

Megatron Addition

Waterproofing additive for concrete and mortars
1 kg

Megatron Seal

For a quick stoping the flow pressure when other mixture are washed with water.
1 kg

Megatron Coating

Waterproofing concrete, brick and stone, plaster elements
1 kg

Megatron Elastic

It is double-component flexible cement-polymer waterproofing mixture
1 kg

Megatron "Repair R-1"

Repair concrete structure
1 kg

Megatron "Repair R-2"

Repair concrete structure
1 kg

Water repellents "Megatron - K"

Protection of brick, stone, stucco, injectable material
1 l

Water repellents "Megatron - M"

Water repellents has an effect of wet surfaces
0,85 l

Water repellents "Megatron "

Water-repellent of different types of brick, concrete, plaster, slate
1 l

Megatron Modifier

Hardening accelerator, waterproofing additive
1 l

Plasticizer "Lime substitute "

The addition to the cement-sand mortar, brickwork and plastering
5 l

Plasticizer "Warm floor"

Softener for installation of floor heating
4 l

Megatron Hydpoprotective towel

Implementation of structural sealing joints of concrete structures
1 m