Megatron Hydpoprotective towel bentonite

Implementation of structural sealing joints of concrete structures

Material description:

   Megatron Hydpoprotective towel consists of composite materials of different performance-section for sealing horizontal and vertical structural seams of concrete structures and communications injection site during construction or in existing building.


  • The ability to grow in volume;

  • High water resistance;

  • High resistance to hydrostatic pressure;

  • Durability;

  • Easy to possess;

  • Eco-friendly;

  • Radiation safe.


  • Waterproofing of monolithic concrete structures;

  • Waterproofing industrial buildings;

  • Hydro plants agricultural sector;

  • Waterproofing construction of water management.

Recommendations for use

    Hydpoprotective towel can be laid on a concrete base tightly, without any gaps and it can be fixed from possible bias circuit using nets and anchors in increments of 250-300 mm. Wire harnesses are connected by a joint, with end cut at 45 ° for continuous lines. All sleeves through which inputs are planned communications through fencing structural elements, are tightly wrapped by hydpoprotective towel. Installation of hydpoprotective towel is carried out immediately before installing the formwork. The distance from the edge of the construction must be at least 50 mm. Do not put it on the wet concrete, but without standing water. For repairmental work use the material from Megatron system recommended materials.


   Shelf life 18 months at temperatures from -50 to + 50 ° C.

Characteristic Value Conformity ДСТУ



Like  rubber, tow

ДСТУ Б В.2.7-171:2008


Humidity wt%

0,5 ÷ 0,7

ДСТУ Б В.2.7-171:2008



Homogeneous without inclusions

ДСТУ Б В.2.7-171:2008

4 Bulk density g / cm3 1.3 ДСТУ Б В.2.7-171:2008


Limit of tensile strength, MPa, not less than


ДСТУ Б В.2.7-171:2008


Volume expansion %


ДСТУ Б В.2.7-171:2008