Megatron Elastic

It is double-component flexible cement-polymer waterproofing mixture

Material description:

   For waterproofing surfaces above ground-based and underground constructions made of concrete, brickwork with filled sutures and other wall materials from mineral-based soil moisture, soil and water filtration, as well as from pressure trends. It can be used in positive pressure (according to DIN 11048). It can be sed as a waterproofing and flexible coating for concrete or plaster, including under a covering of ceramic tiles. It can be used as a protective coating of concrete from aggressive environment. It is resistant to the action of carbon dioxide and corrosive wastewater.

Objects of usage:

  • Sealing of swimming pools and reservoirs

  • Repair coatings terraces

  • Implementation of horizontal isolation

  • Sealing cracks in plastered surfaces

  • Waterproofing of external basement walls.

  • Protective coating for concrete structures prepared prone to warping.

   Megatron Elastic is a doble-component sealant consisting of high-quality varieties of cement, fillers and special additives and synthetic polymers in an aqueous solution. When mixing the two components of a mixture that is easily applied by hand with a spatula, both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The thickness of the layer at a time is 1 mm. Due to the high content of polymers Megalastic has high adhesion to any conventional construction substrates, such as cement, concrete, lime and cement plaster, drywall, gypsum board and boards, gypsum plaster and wood-stove and so on.

Instructions for use:

    Preparation of the base. The processed basis must be primarily dry and clean. Substances that prevent normal adhesion such as dirt, dust, stains oil, grease, plaster that peels should be removed. If necessary, it is done using water pressure (pressure of 600 to 1000 Pa) or sandblasters. When repairing cement surfaces such as concrete or concrete screed, followed by sealing with Megalastic, based on compliance check in strength according to ISO. Rust or substances exfoliate should also be removed. Damaged parts of the surface pre-lay or solutions Megatron Suture Repair. Highly absorbent cement surface should be pre-grounded or richly moisturized. Put the prepared surface and manually fill the layer with spatula, its thickness in one pass should not exceed 1 mm. On the first layer of Megalastic or up to the floor cracks for  encreasing it is possible to empose special glass fiber reinforced mesh (4x4 mm cell) with a ceiling of 10 cm. After drying the first layer of sealant (4-5 hours) put the second layer. Finally, spread it using piventer or smoothing iron. Megalastic‘s curing time is about 24 hours at + 20C. You can start placing ceramic coatings or final painting with various colors. Finally spread by piventer or iron smoothener. Mehalastyk curing time is at + 20C is about 24 hours.

Preparation of the solution:

   Pour the liquid component into a clean bucket and add to it, with constant stirring, component A. Mix solution with a mechanical stirrer (400 rev / min.) For several minutes to obtain a homogeneous, devoid of lumps of mass. Prepared to work out a solution within 45 minutes. (At + 20C).


   Shelf life 18 months at a temperature of -20 to + 30 ° C in the original packaging is not broken.

Safety measures:

   Use safety glasses and rubber gloves in process of working (may cause skin irritation).


Сomponent А

Сomponent В


Appearance powder liquid


Color light gray white

True density g / cm3

1,4 1,1


Color mixture A + B gray


The ratio of components A: B 2 1


Working time (open), min 45


Density of mixture g / cm3 1,7


Packaging, kg 11,8 5


Expiration date 12 24
10 Temperature at application ◦S +5
11 Operating temperature ◦S -60 ÷ +130